Horsetrade Theater Group


Erez Ziv

Erez Ziv (Co-Founder/Managing Director) has joyfully dedicated over a decade of his life to creating an entirely self sustaining off-off-Broadway theater company in New York City. He is very happy to have helped to firmly establish Horse Trade's reputation in the downtown theater scene and to create a well respected, self sufficient organization that has created and continues to create a home for some the New York City's most innovative, talented, and hard working theater artists. Thankfully the World keeps providing him with both fresh and refined talent to let loose on NYC. Erez is also a father. 

Horsetrade theater group

Horse Trade Theater Group is a self-sustaining theater development group, which focuses on new work. It has produced a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater. Horse Trade's continuing mission is to seek out new art, new artists, and new audiences. To create an accessible community of varied voices that values collaboration, resourcefulness, and innovation. To provide a home for independent theater artists by nurturing their development and helping to establish their artistic careers. To expose their work and promote it to local, national, and international audiences.